Bikini Bootcamp includes 3 Excursions

Bike Ride to the Mayan Ruins of Tulum

Beautiful flat ride along the beach to the ruins followed by a guided tour. When you get back to camp you’ll definitely be ready to jump in the refreshing ocean.

Unlike other cities the pyramids of Tulum are small and most monuments had ceremonial functions.  Tulum is the third most visited archaeological site of Mexico and a must see due to its extremely beautiful setting on a bluff overlooking the Caribbean Sea and located just a short bike ride from us.

Visit a freshwater swimming pool

Tulum’s Grand Cenote is a large beautiful garden cenote with gentle white sand beach type areas along with easily accesible caves for snorkeling and diving. You can swim around the edges of the cenote, viewing depths up to 10 meters.

Views include columns of stalactites and stalagmites of all shapes and sizes which resemble cities of skyscrapers. Large balls of roots and vines seem to grow out of the underwater ceiling, connected to the large jungle trees above. Schools of fish tend to follow, eating up the plant debri which swim fins and paddling feet tend to stir up. Little green turtles paddle around near the garden´s edge.

Climb a pyramid in Coba

Enjoy a beautiful jungle walk before reaching the incredible ruins of Coba.

The archaeological site of Coba, surrounded by five lakes, is still largely hidden in the sub tropical vegetation. It contains about 6500 structures spread over nearly 70 km. This is the most important site of the Yucatán Peninsula that can only be compared with Chichen Itza his eternal rival, Archaeologists believe that Cobá had a population of 50 000 inhabitants (and possibly more) at its peak.