A Holiday with purpose

Days are a combination of moving ones body, healthy eating, relaxing and exploring. Each day begins with journal writing followed by a stretch on the beach and a one hour power walk, and then varies from there to include a high energy cardio workout, some sort of sculpt, yoga, as well as other activities that may include an inspiring salsa, African or belly dance class, an insightful meditation session or an informative presentation on the local culture, area or nutrition.

Participation in everything is not mandatory but we schedule the day making it flow easily with a good amount of time set aside to enjoy the beach, read, walk or just do nothing.

A typical day at Amansala offers enough structure to keep you busy, but not so much that you can’t relax with a book, work on your tan, or just relax in a hammock for a few hours. It is the perfect blend of having a purpose on your holiday but also having time to just relax and enjoy.

  • 6am

  • 7am

  • 8am

  • 10am

  • 12pm

  • 1pm

Day 1

6:45   Morning pages (journal writing)
7:00   Beach Walk
8:00   Yoga
9:00   Breakfast
10:00 Bike Tour
To Tulum ruins or a freshwater swimming hole
12:30  Lunch
1:00   Free Time & Spa Services
4:30   Power Abs
4:30   African dance
5:30   Restorative Yoga
7:30   Dinner
8:30   Tribal Drumming Lesson

Day 2

6:45   Morning Pages
7:00   Morning Walk
8:00  Beach Body Sculpt
8:30  Breakfast
10:00 Vinyassa Flow
12:30  Lunch
1:30   Free time
Beach, massages, kayak, volleyball
4:30   Circuit Training
5:30   Salsa or Bellydance
7:30   Dinner
8:30   Live Music

Day 3

6:45   Morning Pages
7:00  Silent Beach Walk
8:00  Breakfast
9:30   Bike Tour to the Nature Reserve and Kayak
1:00   Lunch
2:00   Free Time & Spa Services
4:30   Body Tone and Sculpt
5:30   Yoga
7:30   Dinner
8:30   Creative Writing

  • 4pm

  • 6pm

  • 8pm

Bootcamp on the Lux

“I must admit, the idea of working out for a whole week solid was softened by the fact that I’d be doing it on the sunny beaches of Tulum”

Bootcamp on the LuxIn Style Magazine