• The ultimate travel tune up

    “Instead of trying to fit into that Dior bikini before you leave on vacation,
    pack it and book a fitness getaway where you lose weight while you’re away.” New York Times Magazine

  • Leave feeling lighter

    The idyllic setting, along with fresh healthy meals and active days are the perfect way
    to shed a few pounds, meet like minded people and recharge your batteries.

  • Eco-Chic

    From candles and incense, to luxurious linens and plush towels – it’s back to basics luxury.

A tune up for the mind, body & spirit

Bikini Bootcamp is tune up for the mind, body and spirit. It is an adventurous fitness and yoga holiday that will send you home looking and feeling better than when you arrived.

Our program is designed to help guests reconnect to themselves and nature through a combination of exercise, healthy eating, adventure, yoga, relaxation and pampering.

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“Combine your desire to get in shape with your love of travel for a fantastic fitness vacation.”

Yahoo Travel
Yahoo TravelBy ShermansTravel Editorial StaffTop 10 Fitness Vacations

“Feel good, take care of yourself, and looking good in a bikini will follow.”

New York Times
New York TimesBy Catherine Saint Louis‘Bikini-Ready’? Who’s Judging?

“Who would have thought that sleeping in a cabana on the beach and eating fresh grilled fish, ceviche and fruit smoothies would be more rewarding and memorable than a stay at The Four Seasons.” 

– Rachel Tanner



Sweat, move & recharge in paradise

Each day begins with a a stretch on the beach followed by a one hour power walk, and then varies from there to include high energy cardio workouts, tone and strength classes, and yoga.

Other activities sprinkled in may include a Salsa, African or Belly dance class, insightful meditation sittings, a cooking demo, or an informative presentation on the local culture, area or nutrition.

Also included are several tours to explore the highlights of the area and two spa services as well as our signature Mayan clay treatment.

“I was actually scared to sign up for Bikini Bootcamp. I thought that I would spend my days surrounded by Baywatch fitness nuts and was so pleasantly suprised to have met such amazing people and to have been pushed physically but also nurtured emotionally and spiritually.”

– Jacqueline Monroe

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Recent comments from guests

“Heaven on Earth”

If I were to imagine the most amazing vacation on my own I don’t think I could do as good a job as they do at the Bikini Boot Camp program at Amansala. I will go back soon!

The food is wonderful, beds are comfy, right on the beach!!! The trainers are so inspirational and fit. They totally customize to what you can handle and if you can handle more they PUSH you. Thanks Josh and Kate! You kicked my but and I loved every second of it.

Somehow they fit in 4-6 hours of work out, wonderful food, time for relaxing on the beach, massage and trips off resort to ruins and cenotes. It’s a great value, totally packed with great stuff to do as well as some relaxation and the people you meet are fantastic.

I say go do it – you won’t regret it!

Marlborough, Massachusetts
“3rd Time & Still Charmed!”

I’m still trying to get rid of the sand between my toes, in my ears and from my luggage but not really. It’s a sweet reminder of the fantastic time I had at Amansala and Bikini Bootcamp. This was my third visit and the interesting thing is each trip is so different, due not to Amansala which stays wonderfully the same, but the incredible people who are drawn to this funky, eco-chic place on the beach.

The program is challenging, the food creative and tasty, and the natural surroundings of the Tulum beach all make you want to return to reality a different person. Whether it be in mind, body or spirit, you are encouraged in all aspects.

“Can’t wait to go back”

Honestly, I have only good things to say. I don’t know how anyone could ever rate this place negatively. The proof is obvious when the majority of the Bikini bootcampers who were with me were coming back for a repeat visit, one had just been there 3 weeks prior!

The staff is amazing, and bend over backwards to constantly offer words of encouragement and help. The food is delicious. The rooms are rustic, but right on the ocean, and adequate. I felt like I was immersed in nature, and the sounds of the ocean cleansed my soul with each breaking wave.

Los Angeles, California
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