• A lifelong dream realized

    After years traveling the world experiencing the best and the worst of hotels,
    Melissa Perlman knew what she wanted to create.

Amansala in sanscrit : peace + resting place

noun \ Aman: Peace 
noun \ Sala: Resting place

Bikini Bootcamp is the brainchild of Melissa Perlman. After years of traveling and experiencing the best and the worst of hotels, she knew what she wanted to create. A place that was back to basics but with style and comfort.

A place where people could come, solo or with their partners, friends or sister and be around other like minded people seeking a similar experience. A place where they could eat delicious healthy food, spend time on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, workout to fun challenging classes with fantastic teachers, do yoga, see the highlights of the area, and return home feeling and looking better than when they arrived.

It all came together when Melissa decided to pack it all up and move from NYC to Tulum with nothing more than a vision and a few duffel bags and created what is in now known as Bikini Bootcamp.

Amansala is all about getting back to basics, but with style and comfort and that is reflected from the moment you set foot on the property.

Melissa with daughter Leah

The original Amansala back in 2004

Amansala today

Meet our amazing team



Bikini Bootcamp Founder

Her love for what she does is reflected in everywhere from the details in the rooms, to the music playing in the classes, the food served in the restaurant, and the well selected staff she hires.

She feels blessed to have found her life’s calling which combines her love of fitness, food, the beach, design, people and self development. Her warmth is contagious and she often says she feels like she is having one continual dinner party with amazing people coming week after week.

She is a mother of two and resides with her family in Tulum where she continues to be hands on in making Amansala the special place that it is.



Bikini Bootcamp Co-ordinator

Darlene Sparling coordinates the Bikini Bootcamp program making sure everyone gets the attention they need and helps guide guests to get the most out of their time with us.

She spent the past 9 years studying yoga in various locations including India where she became certfied at a Sivavananda inspired school. She shares her in depth knowledge in chakra work, meditation, and mantra to touch guests in profound ways.

Her over all creative approach to life fuel her song writing, music and overall sense of well being which is evident from first glance.



Bikini Bootcamp Trainer/Guide

Originally from Seattle Josh has been guiding and training guests for more than 5 years here at Bikini Bootcamp. His passion for adventure and knowlege of the area are evident with each and every tour he leads. He takes guests his special hidden treasures and has a gift for making each guest feel as if they are visiting his own personal home.



Bikini Bootcamp Trainer/Guide

Jeff Daubney brings his charisma and contagious energy to each class and leaves people begging for more. Jeff’s specialty is training hard & fast using only your own body weight. He will teach you that you can work out anywhere, anytime, in any space - no excuses.

His workouts are short and intense and will leave you ultra high on endorphins. Get ready to sweat!

Join the team!

We are always looking for good trainers and fitness professionals if you are interested send us a little information about yourself as well as how long would you be interested in working with us and what you teach. A photo would be appreciated.