Frequently asked Questions

We understand that you probably have many questions to ask us and some might be more specific but please make sure you check all the info below before emailing us!

What is Bikini Boot Camp?

Bikini Boot Camp is about more than just a fitness vacation or weight loss holiday. A stay here is designed to help guests reconnect to themself and to nature by stepping out of their normal routine and taking time away just for them. It is a combination of exercise, healthy eating, adventure, relaxing and pampering. Guests leave feeling lighter not only in body, but in mind and spirit as well.

We offer a variety of activities, all of which are optional. Our trainers and teachers are all qualified and specialized.

What does Bikini Boot Camp include?

  • Accommodations based on double occupancy
  • Meals which are delicious and healthy
  • Yoga & meditation
  • Exercise classes such as circuit training, body sculpting, beach cardio, kickboxing, Pilates mat, cardio dance, etc
  • Bike to the Mayan ruins of Tulum for a guided tour
  • Bike to the Sian K’aan reserve for kayaking on the lagoon
  • Drive to the fresh water swimming holes, known as cenotes, for a snorkeling adventure
  • Two massages
  • One full body Mayan clay treatment- done as a group
  • Entertainment such as tribal drumming, cooking, dancing lesson, and more.

We rotate in guest teachers and trainers, so while yoga, circuit training, body sculpt and beach cardio are always offered, some weeks we have teachers with us who share their special classes outside of the ones mentioned above.

How much does it cost?

Please see our RATES page for the latest pricing.

How much gratuity should we expect to pay?

There is a 3 % service charged as part of your payment but it is customary to leave some gratuity at the end of your stay for the kitchen and housekeeping people who will work very hard to make sure you are well cared for during your stay. A good rule of thumb would be $10 a day for the kitchen (imagine if your meals were $75 a day on average) and $3 a day for housekeeping.

As for the other members of the staff, so that would be about $80 for a 6 night stay for kitchen and housekeeping to split up. If anyone stands out who has made your stay extra special (guides, trainers, client services, and you can afford to say thank you with a gratuity they appreciate it and it is left up to you, for massage therapist it is customary to leave something, generally $10 or so.

Do you have any programs that are shorter than 6 nights?

Three, four and five night programs are offered within our six night programs, based on availability. Prices are as follows and include accommodations (based on double occupancy), meals, activities, classes, spa services, entertainment, but do not include the 19% tax and 3% service.

Will I feel out of place coming on my own?

Absolutely not. Most of our guests actually come on their own and wind up having an amazing time and meeting interesting people from all over the world. Meals are communal and there is a great blend of being with people, but also time to be on your own.

Which airport do I fly into?

Cancun, we are located 1.5 hours south of the Cancun airport by car.

How can I get to and from the airport?

We can arrange ground transportation for you, through a reliable and comfortable service that we have been using for some time now.

The cost of transportation to or from the airport and Amansala is $135  each way. We do our best to coordinate for guests to share when possible, in which case the rate would go down to $70 per person based on 2, and $60 based on 3.

There is an additional charge of $20/each for all pick ups from the Cancun hotel zone. Pick ups from Playa del Carmen are subject to the same rates listed above.

We will do our best to coordinate multiple passengers for all arrivals. However due to varying arrival times and flight delays, we can not always be 100% certain you will share even if we have it scheduled that way, but do do our best.

We ask that you pay for transportation in cash upon arrival at Amansala if you have not prepaid and that you look for the AMANSALA sign after you exit the customs terminal. We use safe reliable car services that have been working with us for over 10 years.

Where is Amansala?

Tulum Quintana Roo, Mexico Located approximately 2 hrs south on the coast from Cancun

What time is arrival and departure?

We aim to be as flexible as possible. The first group activity begins at 4:00 pm on the first day, although guests will be arriving throughout the day according to the flight schedule from their area. Most guests depart mid-morning to catch mid afternoon flights on the last day.

Official check in is 1:00 pm
Official check out is noon

We do our best to have your room ready for you when you arrive and you are always welcome to relax on the beach or in the restaurant area for as long as you need to.

Can you tell me about the food?

Our motto is moderation not deprivation. We serve lots of fresh fruits and veggies, fresh local fish and chicken. Our meal plan is based on the philosophy of “from the earth to your plate”, so we avoid preservatives and processed foods. Bikini Boot Camp meals are low calorie (but not too low), high fiber, full of valuable nutrients and lots of flavor.

The kitchen is open all day and can prepare you a healthy snack whenever necessary. We can also accommodate vegetarian requests.

You can find a sampling of some meals below:

Breakfast: Fruit, yogurt, amaranth, eggs
Lunch: Grilled fish or chicken tacos, grilled fish curry salad, grilled chicken salad with a sesame & soy dressing, fajitas, gazpacho, chicken tostadas
Snack: Fruit smoothies, fresh fruit salads, hummus or guacamole with carrot and cucumber sticks, jicama with lime
Dinner: Grilled fish with mixed vegetables, Vegetable and chicken curry with brown rice, Fish and vegetable kabobs
Dessert: Watermelon ice, grilled banana, flan.
We do serve coffee and tea in the mornings. Alcohol is also available. For more information see below.

Are additional spa treatments available:

Yes. You can pre-book additional massages and/or facials on the REGISTRATION form.
Additional massages, Facials or Reflexology are $85.00/ hour.
You can upgrade one of your included massages to a Mayan Healing session for $45.00

12 hours notice is required on all spa services cancellations- including, but not limited to, massages and facials.
Any spa service cancelled or postponed with less than 12 hours notice will be subject to the following conditions:

Included massages – forfeited, may be rescheduled with a $30 per service rescheduling fee.
Pre-booked services – subject to a $30 per service cancellation fee
Pre booked and pre -paid massages- subject to a $30 per service cancellation fee. Pre-paid balance, minus the $30 per service cancellation fee, can be used towards the following incidentals ONLY- alcohol, gift store items, additional spa services and phone calls.
There are no reimbursements on pre-booked and pre-paid massages.

Our spa therapists turn down other work and travel far to get to us, so we appreciate your understanding of the situation. The $30 per service cancellation fee is what we have to pay them in order to cover their lose of business and time.

Is it mandatory to participate in all Bikini Boot Camp activities?

This is your vacation, and while we encourage everyone to participate in everything, if you decide to opt out of any activity, it is totally up to you.

Is Bikini Bootcamp for men?

Yes. The program is designed for both men and women. Wearing a bikini is not mandatory. While we get more women than men..the men are always a welcome addition to any session.

Is Bikini Boot Camp good for the solo traveler?

YES! Bikini Bootcamp is a great option for a solo vacation. Meals are served communal and you can be as social or as private as you like. Most of our guests make friends and keep in touch with each other and are completely comfortable being on their own. This is also a very safe place to travel as a solo women.

What if I am not in the best fitness shape?

Bikini Boot Camp is designed to accommodate all fitness levels and can be modified according to your individual needs. There is no competition and everyone feels comfortable in the classes, regardless of their fitness levels.

Do we provide filtered water?

All of our fruits and vegetable are cleaned and soaked in an iodine solution. All of our water, ice and beverages are prepared using filtered water and are completely safe.

Do we serve alcohol and caffeine?

Yes, we serve both alcohol and caffeine. Our motto in moderation, not deprivation and this is your holiday. If you have specific goals, such as giving up caffeine, we can work with you on this during your stay. If you are looking for a margarita, we make a mean one!

Alcohol is not included in your stay.
Prices are as follows:

Do we have internet access?

If you bring your own laptop with wireless card, we do have wireless available at an extra cost for the duration of your stay.

Will my cell phone work from the beach?

Usually, although it depends upon your carrier, it is best to check directly with your provider prior to arrival. The connection is not always the best from the beach, but you should be able to find connection somewhere on the property.

Do I need any money once at Amansala?

We ask that you pay in cash (US dollars or pesos) for all incidentals (extra spa services, gratuity, etc) and transportation costs. There are ATM’s in town should you need additional cash once you arrive. We also accept traveler’s cheques, although cash is much more readily accepted in the area.

Is there shopping near Amansala?

Tulum pueblo has a few charming shops, but is not know for its shopping or nightlife. Playa del Carmen is a 45 minute drive north of Amansala, and makes for a nice day trip if you are interested in shopping.

Do you need to rent a car?

No. We take you to most of the interesting sites in the area as part of the Bikini Boot Camp program. We can arrange additional day trips for you to Playa del Carmen, etc. if you are interested, for an additional charge. Taxis are readily available as well. Most of our guests choose to just stay at Amansala, as it is so relaxing. If you do decide to rent a car, direction to Amansala can be found on the Getting There page.

Do I need a passport?

Yes. If you do not have a valid passport please speak with your airline carrier in advance or contact the Embassy for additional info.

Do you have any pets?

Yes, we have four lovable white labs. They love all the guests and make everyone feel at home here!

What is the weather like?

While we cannot predict the weather, it is usually sunny and comfortable here on the beach at Amansala. July, August and September are the hottest months and December, January and February are the breeziest, especially in the evenings. Tropical showers are expected in August-November, but they usually pass quickly, leaving clear blue skies, lots of warmth and sunshine. The following link gives average temperatures and precipitation throughout the year:

See for current forecasts.

What if I want to stay with you but do not want to do Bikini Boot Camp?

Room only rates are subject to availability only. Typically you will have better luck finding a room outside of our programs between the months of May-early December.

Please visit rooms and rates at

What is the average age of your guests?

Our guests range in age as well as fitness levels. On average, our guests are between 33-48, but we get many 20 somethings and have guests up to 78 years of age. As long as you are young at heart, we would love to have you join us!

What do you need to bring?

Please read our suggested packing list

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“I was actually scared to sign up for Bikini Bootcamp. I thought that I would spend my days surrounded by Baywatch fitness nuts and was so pleasantly suprised to have met such amazing people and to have been pushed physically but also nurtured emotionally and spiritually.”

Jacqueline Monroe